Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal – What It Offers

Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal – What It Offers

Transition Job Portal’s benefits. See what it can offer you and your family. This article provides information about Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal. It provides information that clearly defines what Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal is all about.

Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal

Does Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal ring a bell? For some who happen to know people working in the military who had their interests changed, the OCMTJP may be all too familiar. The Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal extends a hand to those involved in the military but wants to leave the career for some reason. It also caters to veterans and federal employees who like to expand their horizons and work somewhere else. Operation Career is a job portal that is free service, which was created specifically for them.

OCMTJP is the federal employee and veteran’s venue in finding other available jobs they would like to transfer to. The portal allows them to communicate with prospective employers. The process is easy. They just have to register or log in at the site OperationCareer.com. The site would be able to verify if the individual had been a federal employee, has worked as a military or served as veteran and then link the person to the available jobs.

There is another program which serves the same purpose it goes in the name of Operation Transition. TBB also known as the Operation Transition and the Transition Bulletin Board has a database where employees from the Department of Defense could find jobs than would help them transfer to a civilian life as simple as possible. 1991 Defense Authorization Act gave way to his process. It ordered the Defense Secretary to allocate efforts to help those employees together with their spouses who are leaving the department. The Air force, army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy are covered by this Public Law. The operation career military transition job portal provides support and employment to the personnel from the areas mentioned above. Employees of the Department of Defense including their spouses and family members, who are trying to venture into a new career, are being offered job opportunities by the TBB also known as Transition Bulletin Board.

The site has garnered over 31,000 logins everyday. In turn there are more than 31,000 available jobs offered in the site and which could be viewed. There are a lot different success stories revolving around these two operations. The site is of great help to those men/women who have been trying to protect America for years.

ACAP is also another US Government site that can be very useful. So, if you are looking for alumni and other career opportunities and programs, this site will be a very useful tool for you. DOD Transportal.org is another site for transition assistance. Department of Defense, DOD transportal site provides helpful links and information about job search and career transition.

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